At Green Earth Auto Salvage, we’re all about recycling automobiles to stop the erosion of our environment and to help keep our planet healthy.

We tow vehicles for our customers FREE of charge. We schedule pick-ups within 1 hour of purchase of your vehicle – even in NY. And will always work around our customers busy workday for vehicle scheduling. Usually cars can be towed within 24 hours, anywhere in the US. At Green Earth, all cars are properly dismantled, crushed and recycled according to federal, EPA and OSHA guidelines. All toxic materials are disposed of properly and precious metals, rubbers, glass and steel are separated and sorted for re-use. In today’s world of limited resources, booming populations and continued strain on our planet’s delicate ecosystem, it is time for everyone to do their part, in every industry to help turn the tide of erosion to our environment.

At Green Earth Auto Salvage, we are trying to do our part in making a healthier planet today and for all future generations.